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    Rochdale redevelopment plans!

    This Is Extremely Important Information regarding the future of our Music Project, Please take the time to read through, Thanks!

    Rochdale Town Centre is in the midst of "Re-Development", initial plans show That The Broadwater Centre - home of The Back Door Music Project - will be knocked down and replaced by a "Department Store" although we are assured by representatives of R.D.A (Rochdale Development Agency) that by no means are these plans "set in stone" & are open to ideas/discussion & consultation by everyone and they want to hear the Public's views & opinions.

    Obviously the possibility of our "Home" being knocked down isn't the best news for us, to say the least ! & we do not want this to happen, in fairness to Rochdale Council & Rochdale Development Agency they have in recent weeks offered us a number of "Alternate" locations, yet so far what has been offered has just not been suitable enough to cater for our needs, on our Friday Band Nights alone we regularly have 150, 200 & sometimes 250 young people aged 13 - 18 come to watch bands from all over the uk play.

    The Broadwater Centre is the perfect location & venue for us on so many levels, On it's own plot of land with car park at the rear, town centre location yet on the opposite side of town to all of the pubs and clubs & away from any built up residential areas, it's a stone's throw away from Rochdale bus station, so it's easy for everyone to get here safely and then get back home safely, without having to wander around the town centre late at night, the safety of all the young people here is paramount to us.

    In order to fit up to 250 people in a room you need a very large space ! The Broadwater Centre has this space, being the very first Rochdale Public Swimming baths we have a full size Swimming Pool underneath our wooden floor ! just to give you an idea of the size of our main room ! we also have a number of rooms to cater for our music workshops, office, practice room, drum & guitar lessons etc... the centre also has a large open plan kitchen with plenty of tables and chairs for everyone in the building to use, in a nutshell the building has lots of space, and is the amount of space we need to continue to run our project.
    If a suitable venue/location or idea was offered by RDA/Rochdale Council/Genr8 Developments (Developer) then we would be happy to listen, we have looked at this ourselves & have yet to come up with a better venue/location than our present one.

    Instead of being relocated We would like to propose that money be spent on renovating the current building & to use The Broadwater Centre as a "Historic gateway into Rochdale" i quote Carol Moore,
    The Victorian Building was built to be Rochdale's first public baths, built in 1868 in the Italian style of architecture thanks to Mr. Alderman Moore, and Mr. Alderman Taylor at a cost of £9,500, 2 large pools, one for the ladies & one for the gents 65 feet 6 inches by 39 feet, and 38 feet high each room, the balconies in each room are one of the earlies examples of "cast in situ" concrete, apparently Roman technology and was used by them.
    From 1941 - 1945 the building was used as Headquarters for Rochdale's Wartime Ambulance Service to help the war effort, and has been occupied since then by the youth service and now The Back Door Music Project, and Skylight Circus Arts, who are based in the room/pool next door, they also require the amount of space they have at the moment in order to carry on the great work they do for people, the future of the Church next door is also in question, we are a heartbeat in the Community down here and would like to keep it that way!

    There are a number of Consultations at various Venues in the Borough of Rochdale, these Consultations started on 10th March & end on 19th March, so time is of the essence, Please show you're support for The Back Door Music Project and to help ensure we get our voice heard and are Included in any Future plans concerning the redevelopment, please also note some important links to Contact, included below !!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, from everyone at The Back Door Music Project! :)

    * Consultation dates, times, venues;

    * Brochure showing plans for the redevelopment, Pdf file opens in your browser window, you need Adobe Reader installed, free download here * link to brochure, scroll to bottom of the page, click highlighted "YOUR" -

    * Contact Rochdale Development Agency & have you'r say;

    * Contact Genr8 Developments (Developer) & have you'r say;

    * Contact Roger Ellis (Chief Executive of Rochdale Council) & have you'r say;

    * Contact Rochdale Council (General);

    * If you're interested in learning more about the building & it's history then here's some links on Link4Life's website !

    Building & Public Baths info;

    Rochdale's Wartime Ambulance Service;